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Research & Innovation

Bright minds in a creative envionment create edge research and technology. Those become valuable to most people by matching them to successful business models. As head of an R&D team in coating technology at ZEISS semiconductor manufacturing segment (SMT), before that as senior manager in strategic corporate development, and as senior manager innovation at corporate research and technology of Carl Zeiss AG I am working on the steps of this task.

Previously, I was Innovation Manager at the German technology and engineering company Voith, working on business models and pre-development projects around simulation, sensors and machine learning.

By training I am a physicist, I have studied in Erlangen and York and I have done research in nanophotonics, optics and plasmonics at the Cluster of Excellence Engineering of Advanced Materials of University of Erlangen, at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen and as visiting scientist at Caltech in the USA.

You find my list of publications and public patents here. I share updates on business and research via my LinkedIn profile.